Yes, you can.

Holly has spoken to audiences of 2500+.

Yes, you can.

Holly has spoken to audiences of 2500+.

What makes Holly stand out as a speaker?

Holly is different because she has been through financial hardship, loss of health, and self-doubt. Her practical and powerful approach to life will leave you with a clear set of tools and techniques to transform your life, your money, and your state of mind. 

She coaches Millennial and Gen x established professionals and entrepreneurs to become their best self, build wealth, and create their life with the words they speak.

Various keynote topics

From private, intimate retreat settings to large stages, Holly speaks on
leadership, abundance, and transformation. Health, wealth, and happiness are waiting
for you. All you have to do is say yes.


More than ever, the world needs leaders. How you show up matters, and you can make a difference just by showing up fully and uniquely you. Discover your personal Impact Factor™ and find out how to make your presence the present, creating impact that lasts long after you’ve left the room.


It's ok to ask for everything you want! Wealth, health, and happiness are for everyone, and by harnessing your personal interests, unique skills, and current resources you can create a life of infinite possibilities. Freedom and choices beyond measure are simply waiting for you to say yes.


We can heal the world one person at a time. You are one person! By living with intention, you can create a life of design, no matter where you start. There is nothing that cannot be overcome. Using simple mindfulness techniques, you can conquer addiction, self-doubt, and fear to reach your highest potential and experience joy on a daily basis.

Audiences Holly speaks to

Holly’s unique background in finance, entrepreneurship, and real estate along with her
transformation from handicap to health, are the foundation for her ability to connect on a
personal and professional level for organizations ranging from corporate key notes to
intimate retreats.

Real Estate

Holly spent the formative years of her career in real estate, selling estate on the East Coast, then working with Coldwell Banker, and ultimately selling homes for a Fortune 500 home-builder in Denver, CO. She comes from a long line of real estate investors in her family, and she loves coaching those in the industry to create personal wealth as well as how to live a balanced life with purpose in a high-demand field.


Having consulted with tech start-ups in finance for many years, Holly has an affinity with this industry. She's able to engage with and relate to employees in the tech-world on many levels, including how to build wealth with your paycheck, the benefits of having a job with assets, and how to create personal and organizational impact.


Holly is a natural leader who empowers women with her words and love for making positive change wherever she goes. Her mission is to encourage more women to speak their truth and stand for themselves as much as they stand for others. The world is thirsty for feminine energy, and she reveals how to embrace it in a way that is all- inclusive and magnetic in order to bring inspired action.


Holly is a multi-generational entrepreneur. Having started seven successful businesses to date, and consulted for countless others in her consulting career, Holly brings her background on building sustainable and/or location independent businesses, building personal wealth as an entrepreneur, and weathering the monetary and psychological ups and downs of entrepreneurship, in her talks for these dynamic audiences.

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