Who is Holly?​

Holly is an award-winning financial coach and CEO + Founder of Financial Impact. She is a powerful, inspiring keynote speaker known for her relatable stories of transformation, the journey to financial independence, and the power words have to shape your life.

Holly began teaching personal finance in 2006 as a service project with Rotary International, and received the prestigious “Rotarian of the Year” award in 2007/08 for her work in financial literacy. After a successful career in real estate and financial consulting, Holly founded Financial Impact in 2016, after seeing the ongoing, monumental gap between financial education and financial wellbeing.

She is recognized for her unique approach to money,

which reinforces core values while creating wealth. Holly has coached thousands to peace of mind and confidence with their money through courses, coaching, and programs.

In 2017, Holly was recognized by the Association for Financial Planning and Counseling Education ® with the “Bridging the Gap” award for outstanding work as an Accredited Financial Counselor® in private practice.

Holly overcame $67,000 in credit card debt in her twenties, and went on to become financially independent in her thirties. Along her journey to wealth she encountered the same blocks we all experience as a human being: pain, heartache, fear, facing reality, addiction, and questioning oneself.

Through mindfulness and a lot of help from the people in her life, Holly journeyed on.

Today she teaches others how to find happiness, health, and wealth using key personal practices and living with intention.

Holly has a B.A. in International Affairs, Business, & Japanese from the University of Colorado. She now resides in Boulder, Colorado. Holly loves to hike fourteeners, travel, and have amazing conversations.

This is my passion.

I coach Millennial and Gen x established professionals and entrepreneurs to become their best self, build wealth, and create their life with the words they speak.

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"You don't need permission to start a business and you don't have to be perfect to start!"

Speaking on topics like...

The power
of words

Create a great life with your words.

financial independence

Wealth is for everyone.


Become who you were meant to be.

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